Sunday, February 6, 2011

Two Family’s of Friends

When we were shopping around for a vacation, we looked at tons of websites to find a place for our family’s vacation, after spending time on the phone and exchanging emails with the staff, we settled on Small Hope Bay Lodge.

We arrived and were immediately offered drinks and lunch. We spent our first night weathering a tropical storm. The cabins are rustic but sturdy and at 20 feet from the water, it was an amazing kick off to a great week.

We have made new friends, gained new skills (SCUBA for 12 year olds) and relaxed. The setting while rustic, is beautiful and scène. Everyone was extremely helpful and lovely. We travelled with a 1 year old and found it very easy to accommodate. We will be back next year!!!

Jodi, Scott & Devon Gainesville VA

Jodi, Mia, Samantha & Greg VA

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