Sunday, February 13, 2011

A poem about Small Hope

A lovely poem written by Stewart and Gram about there stay here at Small Hope............  

Small Hope Bay Lodge

Small Hope Bay a little bit of heaven
Complementary bar open 24\7
Quite an idea, give Jeff credit,
If he doesn't have it, he'll go and get it.
A cottage for two
These are neat and we didn't have to turn on the heat.
Here's to the staff,
They are a treasure
They are good at their jobs
Giving people pleasure.
Scott is the chef
His passion is food
If he makes it, it's sure to be good
There is Johnny the Cabbie
At 70 he still likes to drive
He tells about the Queens visit,
The 15th of October 1985
To Small Hope Bay its $20 for two
Four for $28.
Get in! Get in! We don't have to wait
With a mystery writer here,
And a heart doctor there
Question...Does the grooms dad 
Color his hair?
With fishing, snorkeling and shopping too, 
Why go back to our everyday zoo
Everything is great even the weather
We wish the newly weds
A long and happy life together
We will remember long after we are gone,
Thanks for everything Leah & Jon!!!
They put meaning in the words,
"Lets just do it!"
Love and best wishes, 
Gram and Stewart
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