Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Closing time at Small Hope.........

Dennis painting outside of cabins

Moose making new tank racks 

Antonio painting Ralphy

We have been closed for a little while now, and the whole family is working hard to get ready to re-open on the 14th of October. The rooms have been striped, painted, and fixed up. The boats have been sanded and are ready to paint. New tank racks and seats have been made for the big boat. The maintenance sheds have be sorted out and cleaned so that they're prepared for a new year. The kitchen has been packed up, and it is getting a deep clean and a new coat of paint. Also, the office has started its clean up; it has been all hands on deck! As the saying goes, "Many hands make light work..."

Dive masters study hard

The dive masters have been studying hard in the past weeks, and they are ready to further their dive education with Mike. They have all passed their first two exams for Technical Diving International (TDI) Understanding Nitrox and TDI Gas Blender!! So a big congratulations to all dive masters, and keep up the good work in the coming weeks with your training!!!

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