Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hunting the Gray Ghosts

Bonefish are considered one of the most elusive sport fish in the world. The gray ghosts of saltwater flats, these fish don't come to the fishermen; they have to be stalked and found using an "active hunting" method. Whether fly fishing or spin casting, the hunt, fight and capture of a bonefish is a thrill that no fisherman should go without.

Small Hope Bay Lodge offers casting lessons, full and half days of fishing on the Andros flats with a fishing program that will satisfy novice and experienced fishermen alike. Our experienced Bahamian fishing guides will take you wherever you need to go to land your fish, from Joulters Cay up north to the South Bight and everywhere else in between.

There is even plenty of fishing to be done around the property of Small Hope. Schools of bones will wander into our bay during certain points of the tide and Davis Creek is always a good place to spot the fish also.

Here is a video of one of Small Hope's long time guests, Chris, as he goes out with our house guide, Jeff Cartwright, for a flyfishing casting lesson and some spin casting.

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