Friday, July 3, 2009

Small Hope's Aquatic Friends

Over the past two nights, dinner has been interrupted by a family of dolphins swimming and playing around the dock here at Small Hope Bay Lodge. Guests and dive staff ran out to the dock and enjoyed watching the dolphins jump in and out of the water. A few staff and guests grabbed their snorkel gear and jumped into the ocean where the dolphins came within a few feet, playing around our snorkelers and showing off with underwater acrobatics. Loren Kearney, who is apart of our dive staff and who was one of the lucky snorkelers to jump in the water, took the above picture as one of the dolphins swam by. You can also find a video of the dolphins and snorkelers on YouTube here.

We expect to see more of our new friends again, along with other wonderful aquatic life that lives so close to shore. Such as: star fish, spotted eagle rays, and butterfly fish, all whom you can easily spot any time while snorkeling around our beaches and dock. For more information on our aquatic life in SHBL, or snorkeling, please visit Small Hope’s website here. Pin It Now!

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