Tuesday, July 7, 2009

SHBL welcomes back the Kilgores

Small Hope Bay Lodge welcomed back Gina, Frank, Caitlin and Elena. This was their third visit overall, and second trip this year to the SHBL family. However this time they brought back the extended family. The group of fifteen: Mark, Lynn, Randy, Kathy, Lynn, Rachel, Kayla, Rebecca, Sarah, Faith and Buddy all enjoyed snorkeling, diving, swimming at the Blue Hole, eating conch fritters and shopping at Androsia.

The eldest of the girls, Caitlin, did her 3 day Open water course and was certified during her stay as a PADI Open Water Diver. The Other girls, Rachel, Kayla, Rebecca, Sarah, Faith (all ages ranging between 10-14) dove after certifying in the resort diving course we offer. The girls, including some of the parents, braved the Shark Emporium where they watched our local reef sharks enjoying a delicious meal of chum.
Their stay was not complete without trips to Androsia, where the entire family bought the signature Andros Island attire, and to the inland Blue Hole, to swim in nature’s unique freshwater sinkhole.

Their trip was highlighted when dolphins swam up to SHBL’s dock, and one of the girls, Rachel, jumped in the water to swim alongside them. To see a clip of the dolphin footage, visit click here.
Before leaving we presented the family with Certificates of Achievement, as appreciation for their stay with us. You can watch the certificate announcement here. Pin It Now!

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