Sunday, May 3, 2009

Love At Small Hope Bay Lodge

It was a lovely day at Small Hope Bay Lodge on May 2 and guest Greg decided to take advantage of great conditions and conspired with the dive staff to propose marriage to his girlfriend, Amber. Greg had come prepared with a treasure chest complete with a treasure "map" that spoke of their life together, some pirate booty of necklaces, beads and a gorgeous diamond engagement ring.

After Amber, Greg and the other guests started their dive to go Over The Wall to 185 feet, Divemaster Amanda smuggled the precious treasure down to 90 feet and hid it under a coral head. With the stage set, all that was left was for Amber to find her treasure. She came upon the chest as she and Greg were making their way back to the anchor line and after reading the "map", Greg pulled out the ring. Amber snagged it and put it on her finger, which we all took as a resounding YES!

Congratulations to the newly engaged couple. May you have a fruitful and happy life together!

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