Monday, May 4, 2009

Dana Harding Maxwell - Forever at Home

Dick Birch, the founder of Small Hope Bay Lodge, always said Small Hope was a way of life. SHBL becomes a home and a family for most of the people that pass through our little Lodge. Dana Maxwell, a long time guest and member of the extended Small Hope family, passed away this past November. His will specified that his remains be buried at sea by his family at Small Hope. Dana had his final wishes carried out by joining Dick Birch and other members of the Birch and Small Hope family in being released over the wall, having the Tongue of the Ocean as his final resting place.

Jeff and Mike, who had been diving with Dana for years, through his good times and bad, took Dana's ashes on their last dive, taking the biodegradable box that held Dana's ashes to 160 feet over the wall at Dana's Delight, the site named in his honor years ago, and released him into the abyss. They then placed a plaque in memorial on a ledge at 160 feet.

Dana's lifelong friends, Ernie and Judy, accompanied Dana on his final trip to the Bahamas and Ernie wrote a poem that he read at Dana's Memorial. You can hear that at the end of the video.

Dana Maxwell was a wonderful friend, a funny man who was dedicated to the Lodge and his two prized puppies. His wit and irreverent attitude embodied an eclectic and eccentric spirit that made him a favorite character at SHBL. He is loved and will be missed. Pin It Now!

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