Friday, February 20, 2009

Birds of Paradise

The New Jersey Audobon Society, led by Brian Verrachio has come to SHBL to explore the island's diverse bird life! During their first hour on Andros, they saw THREE Great Lizard Cuckoos and a Black Coiled Oriole.

Carolyn Wardle of the Bahamas National Trust (pictured) says that Andros is home to many wonderful species of birds, including:

- Cuban Emerald
- Bahama Yellowthroat
- Bahama Swallow
- Thick-billed Vireo
- Greater Antillean Bullfinch
- West Indian Whistling Duck
- Bahama Mockingbird

Brain said that birding at Small Hope was pure joy in a relaxed sense. "What an experience here at Small Hope!"

The New Jersey Audobon Society

Brian Verrachio, Avis and Bob Kniffin, Alison Peebles, Carol Bishop, Pat Pire and the other members with Jeff Birch Pin It Now!

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