Saturday, February 7, 2009

Balloon Boys

Small Hope Bay Lodge was the location of the "Balloon Boys" 25th Annual Dive trip. Marlow, Dan, John and Ted have been traveling the world together for 25 years, diving in exotic locations and bringing their brand of joy and good humor to all the corners or the world.

The four friends are the coordinators of the Great Forest Park Balloon Race in St. Louis, Missouri. They also are the purveyors of fun to any country they go to since they bring toys (like kites!) to give to local children on every trip they take.

This is what the guys had to say about SHBL:

"The 25th Annual Balloon Boys Dive trip - wonderful dives, high times on the shores, good, soft landings!"

"In 25 years of diving, this was the best."

Thanks, guys and we hope to see these high fliers again sometime soon! Pin It Now!

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