Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Meet The SHBL Pooches

This is Rex, aka Rexus Maximus or just plain Rexie. He is a three year old (we think) potcake

that is native to Andros. He's been at Small Hope since he was a puppy that followed one of our kitchen staff to work every day. Rex was adopted by Divemasters Loren and Amanda when they joined the staff in April of 2008.

Rex enjoys laying in the sand, crab hunting in the lagoon and along the beach, wading in Davis Creek, and belly rubs. He has also been known to follow bike riders to Captain Bill's Blue Hole.

Photo: Mike Jones

Meet Sarah, aka Sare Bear, Beara, or Sarah Bear-Bear, Small Hope's newest addition to the family. Sarah was living down by Davis Creek with her companion, a Great Dane names Andros, when Andros was adopted by SHBL guests and taken on an adventure to New York City. Sarah eventually started hanging out around the Lodge and once again, Divemasters Loren and Amanda adopted a dog (they're dog people!). Sarah is very sweet and a little timid and can usually be found waiting at the end of the dock for her people to come back from the dive. She enjoys crab hunting with Rex, soft ear scratches and laying on Amanda's yoga mat.

Photo: Jill Brickey

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