Saturday, November 8, 2008

SHBL Music Project

Any of our guests who have been here since April probably have seen Ashley bring out his guitar to entertain after dinner on the patio or in the lounge. Those same guests may have noticed that sometimes there is a lull in the music or sometimes someone just singing along because no one knows all the words to the song we are playing.
We've also been noticing our CD collection at the Lodge. Some of the CD's we have are older than the newest generation of divers that we are taking Over The Wall!
So we at SHBL are challenging (and imploring!!) our guests to take part in the SHBL Music Project. We would love it if our guests would bring us mix CD's of their favorite music. Before your trip, burn a CD with all of your favorite songs, label it as "Your Name Here's SHBL Mix" and bring it with you on your vacation. We'll put it on a special shelf of guest mixes.
If you are REALLY ambitious, you can print the lyrics out for the songs for us to add to our song books for sing along nights. If Ash doesn't know how to play the songs, he'll learn!
So put your thinking caps on and put together your ultimate playlist. This should be an interesting and musical season!
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