Monday, January 18, 2016

The Wonderful Nature and Birding Tours at Small Hope!

Nature? - check! Birding? - check! Island history? - check! We have tours for everyone here at Small Hope! Our extensive list of tours offered include (but are not limited tot) the following:

  • Our most popular Blue Hole Tour - a half day tour that visits Rainbow Blue Hole, Maidenhair Coppice, Cousteau's Blue Hole, and Captain Bill's Blue Hole; 
  • West Side Story - an full day trip by boat to the West Side of Andros Island. Great for nature and bird lovers alike!
  • Kayak Tour of Davis Creek - a half day tour exploring the mangrove and creek right in our backyard. The tour ends with some snorkeling at the mouth of the creek.
  • Birding Tour - Half or whole day guided tour to various spots nearby where our guides have spotted many varieties of birds.
 And speaking of birding guides . . . Our very own Dennis Burrows has completed his Bahamas National Trust/Audubon Bird Guide Training and is now an Audubon certified Bird Guide! Congratulations Dennis!!!!! We have known for some time of his great nature guide skill. We are proud of him on his certification!!!
Come and go on a tour with him to see for yourself!

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