Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sharks at Small Hope

If you have been diving with us at Small Hope Bay Lodge in the past, I'm sure you have noticed that Caribbean reef sharks are quite common. However, if you have not been lucky enough to encounter one in person and you are nervous about sharks, there is nothing to be concerned about because they end to be shy around divers and snorkelers.

Although over fishing has been threatening sharks for years, the Bahamas has outlawed all commercial shark fishing, making our reefs a sanctuary for Caribbean reef sharks, bull sharks, tiger sharks, blacktips and whitetips. Click here for a great article about whitetips migrating to the Bahamas.

This reminds us of when Pierre-Yves Cousteau visited Small Hope to dive with Jeff and discuss shark conservation, just as Jack-Yves Cousteau did with Dick Birch. Check out the video here.

Click here for a video of Ralph the Reef Shark, a new friend of ours who has been hanging out around one of our wreck dives recently. Watch how friendly he is!

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