Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Closing Time

It's closing time once again here at Small Hope Bay, which means we have temporarily closed the hotel to take care of any maintenance needs that require attention. While the bay is quite without any visitors, we have been keeping ourselves busy to pass the time. Fedor and the maintenance crew have been working hard to refurbish the cabins and repaint the bathrooms so you will have a comfortable and cozy room next time you come to visit. Fede and Dennis have been servicing and recalibrating every tank, BCD, and regulator on the dock. It's amazing how well a regulator breaths after it has been given the time and attention that Fede and Dennis have been giving them. Our friend Patrick is visiting from Canada to renew our electrical systems. Even though we have been able to power the entire resort off a generator when the power on the island goes out, the new system will be more energy efficient and will allow us to install more solar panels in the future. While all of this is very tiering, Dania has been keeping our spirits high by making delicious meals every day, keeping our stomachs full and our smiles constant.
As always, the Weather is wonderful and Andros is beautiful, but the guests are what make Small Hope Bay Lodge special, so we can't wait to say hello to all of the returning guests and meet anybody who has not had the chance to visit us yet.

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