Thursday, April 24, 2014

Small Hope Says Goodbye to an Old Friend . . .

In the beginning there was Dick and Joan Hanna, all the way from Canada, with some ever-loving support. One of the main persons was this very quiet, strong, kind, unassuming lawyer by the name of William Chapin. He helped Dick Birch through the legal process all the way to helping setting up companies with another icon, Mr. LB Johnson. They helped give hope to Small Hope! 

So we share with all and raise our glasses to Mr. William Chapin - A warrior and great spirit in the world! The following is a video done, we believe in 2005, that was shared with us. This is something to help those of us who want to remember him forever. For us, he will always be here!
From Jeff Birch, and the Small Hope Bay Lodge staff . . . 

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