Thursday, December 26, 2013

Great Place for an Island Wedding

Small Hope Bay Lodge is a beautiful destination for a beachside wedding. We have two secluded beaches, beautiful island flowers, a great kitchen staff to prepare delicious food, and a staff willing to accommodate anything you can imagine for your wedding. This month we have lucky enough to host two weddings.

Brent and Carolyn came to Small Hope with their three kids to celebrate their wedding. They stayed for a week - some tried diving, some snorkeling, bike rides and more. They had their ceremony on the north beach and it could not have been sweeter. Congratulations to them and their family!

Sam and Diana came to escape some of the craziness that go along with wedding planning. They left all the plans up to us and had an intimate ceremony on the south beach. As they came alone, they were able to combine their wedding with their honeymoon. They tried diving, snorkeling, biking and more. Congratulations Sam and Diana!

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