Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It's a Small (Hope) World After All . . .

Last month we took our vacation. Living in a tropical paradise like Andros, Bahamas many people wondered where we could go that would be more beautiful. But vacation is always good and meeting new people and visiting new places are some of my very favorite things to do in the world. 


Boquete, Panama
We decided to visit a little of Central America. Flights directly to Panama from Nassau made it even easier. So we visited Panama and Costa Rica, each for one week. In Panama, since we are not really city people, we went to a beautiful little town called Boquete, near the volcano Baru, and in the lush green mountains. It was incredilble! Living on the beach, it was a refreshing change to get up in to the mountains.

Then we went to Costa Rica. Having used the site before, I looked for property rentals on Picking a region completely at random then scanning photos and rates we found a lovely little Indonesian-style casita in the Puntarenas area on the Pacific side. Looking
My reading spot
more closely at the property information I was very surprised when I read the owner information. It said the owners, Mac and Sharon, "met on the island of Andros, in the Bahamas and feel in love "underwater" in the blue seas". Living on Andros for two years now, I know there are very few dive centers on the island and the most probable place they could have met was right here at Small Hope Bay Lodge!!! I emailed them about renting their property and tolde them we were both divemasters at Small Hope. It turns out Mac was actually a former divemaster too! He worked here in 1979 for one season. Sharon came to Small Hope as a guest and that's how they met. 

What a small world!Well, as it seemed too big a coincidence to ignore and we booked our week in Costa Rica at their place. And I am so glad we did. 

My porch

 The grounds at Bali Rica, are the definition of tropical, lush beauty. We spent a most relaxing week simply enjoying our spot, Casa Rica, the grounds and the surprisingly stellar restaurants in the little town. And it was great talking to mac and Sharon about Small Hope, what's changed, what will never change, Margo and Alex, Moose, Brendal, Irene and all our mutual acquaintances.

All In all, an absolutely wonderful vacation! 

Mac and Sharon, Bali Rica, Costa Rica
 I highly recommend contacting them if you are interested in visiting Costa Rica! That is, when you are not visiting us at Small Hope Bay Lodge!!!

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