Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Operation Go Green

We have a very exciting summer starting here at Small Hope Bay Lodge. This summer we are hosting 4 students from Duke University. They will be here working as interns for almost three months. Unlike many of our other interns, they will not be filling tanks on the dock or helping to tend bar in the evenings. These guys are here to help Small Hope become more eco-friendly and energy efficient and we are very excited! Here is their own description of their project as well as who exactly comprises the Green Team: 

Project Description: (I call it Operation Go Green!)

This summer, we will be designing and building a solar thermal system (solar hot water) and exploring the feasibility of solar photovoltaic to help offset the 192,000 kwh energy use of the resort. The majority of the resort’s energy use is spent on heating water. Given Small Hope's location in the Bahamas and its environmentally oriented culture, Small Hope has tremendous solar potential. We get around 250 days of sun out of the year and receive about 3.5-5 kw per square meter at a latitude of 24° 42' 0" N. In addition to installing solar hot water, we will also be helping Small Hope create a sustainable environmental management plan, along with energy, waste and water monitoring programs. 

The Team:

Esi Waters- Duke University Masters of Environmental Management 2013 Environmental Economics and Policy Focus
Jake Vestal- Duke University Masters of Engineering Management 2013 Energy Systems & Big Data Analytics Focus
Kevin Kurkul- Duke University Masters of Environmental Management 2014 Energy and the Environment Focus
Michelle Yuan- Duke University Masters of Environmental Management 2014 Energy and the Environment Focus

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