Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Viva la Coconut!

They're everywhere!
In recent years, I've noticed quite a trend in the production of bottled coconut water--where grocery store shelves are lined with the small pouches of 'nature's medicine'. The hype seems to be growing and growing, and lots of new brands are coming out with their own versions of 'pure coconut water'. It's extremely hydrating, rich in potassium and magnesium, aids digestion, reduces stress while providing energy, and bears antiviral properties (sounds like quite the elixir!). While it's nice that people are acknowledging a seemingly healthier alternative to energy drinks and turning to natural options like coconut water, it's really wonderful to have the opportunity to have real water from the fresh coconuts here on the island.

In researching the health benefits of the coconut, it's delightful to learn how far back in history and different cultures these benefits are recognized. They've been used for energy and hydration in areas where water quality is poor and food scarce--offering some bits of nutrients and sugars to keep going. In fact, the Sanskrit for coconut palm, kalpa vrishka,  translates as 'the tree that provides all the necessities of life.' So hey, if that doesn't sum up the multifaceted advantages of the coconut, I'm not sure what will.

Fresh coconut water in my room
Considering these wonderful health attributes and also what I think to be a delicious beverage, I'm surprised how few people who stay here take interest in trying fresh coconuts. Maybe it's not something that directly comes to mind as something to try since some of the trees are so tall and as they say--out of sight out of mind. But this place is teeming with fallen coconuts--all laying on the ground or rolling into large piles as seen behind the cabins. So they're really not out of our sight at all! In the month(ish) that I've been here, I can only think of three guests who have plucked a green coconut from the palm and asked someone to cut it open to try the 'nectar'. This seems like a very small number of people to me, and I hope more are curious because they're really tasty, and as we have already established--very healthful. I personally have made a pleasant habit of having a couple fresh coconuts a week, eating the jelly as a dessert...mmm. 

If you're coming to stay here for any length of time, I highly recommend at least trying one of the coconuts. After all, we have a special coconut machete for hacking away at the shell. Or you can even taking one to the bar and having Tony make you a super-fresh 'Sky Breeze'....a delicious rum drink with fresh coconuts. But if you don't care to try any, that's okay too....because that leaves for coconuts for me! 

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