Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Closing Time...............

We are half way through closing for another year!!!
Scuba and Sassy have been helping out.

We had a great closing party at Somerset Beach, some much need fun in the sun and relaxation.....
The cabins are getting a spruce up,the boats a getting a new paint job, new divemaster Erin is working on the glass room, we have convince Jeff for some new cushion covers for the lounge so we can't wait for them to arrive!!!

The hot tub has got a brand new deck, no more nails sticking up and a hand rail for easy exit and entry........

The dive staff have been helping ANCAT clean up the mouth of Fresh Creek in conjunction with Project Aware's Debris Month of Action, we got quite a lot, here is just some of what we got.........

  • 509 glass bottles
  • 9 tyres
  • 7 car parts 
  • 408 pieces of rubber
  • 1 baby carriage
  • 1 very large heavy block
That is just the beginning of what is there, we could all help out every weekend for a year and we wouldn't get it all clean!!!!

We can't wait to see everyone again..................... Pin It Now!

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