Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Return Guest.................

We recently had some returnee guest who has been coming to Small Hope for over twelve years. It was good planning on all party’s part that they got to meet up this year for a few days. To catch up at Small Hope were they all  first meet.

Lisa & Jim, who are both keen dives, enjoyed being back in the water with new and old dive masters. Jim also enjoy a few afternoons of bone fishing with Giles.

Giles, Paula and Alex arrive next. Alex has been an intern here the last two summers. Alex is a keen diver and this summer enjoy the diving while only having to intern for part of his summer. Giles is a mad keen fisherman who comes to Small Hope both for the diving and the bone fishing. Paula is a diver and also enjoys the relax atmosphere that is Small Hope.

Dan, Cynthia & Casey are all divers. Casey started coming here when she was just 3, she is now 13. Casey learnt to dive at Small Hope and also enjoys the chance to relax. Dan and Cynthia are both divers and take this opportunity to enjoy some diving and good conversation with other guest.

It was great to see all them together and reminisce about times gone by and how when coming back to Small Hope it is like returning home as everything is familiar and just as you let it.

Lisa, Jim Winchester KY, Giles, Paula, Alex United Kingdom, Dan, Cynthia & Casey San Francisco CA
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