Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nature Walking Through Andros

Small Hope Bay Lodge is good for more than just great diving, snorkeling and bonefishing. We are surrounded by pristine mangroves, coppice land and Andros pine forests. Other Bahamians call the 2300 square mile island the "Big Yard because of the abundance uninhabited land, which makes nature walking and eco tourism an easy thing to do!

Ian and Ann from Nassau, along with their Canadian friends, Eric and Maureen, came to Small Hope to do some nature tourism exploring of this out island. Ian and Ann had never been to the island, even though we are only 27 miles away from Nassau! They thoroughly enjoyed their explorations, heading north to Red Bays to watch the basket weaving and sponging activities. The four friends took long walk in the mangroves and embarked on the Bush Medicine trail that led to the Rainbow Blue Hole.

All four sat with Divemaster Amanda after lunch and talked about their experiences at Small Hope Bay Lodge.

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