Sunday, March 22, 2009

Eight Is Great

"Just finished an eighth in a row return to Small Hope, a place slightly off the beaten track, where interesting people find an eddy in space and time and enjoy a continuity of a vacation experience.

Jeff and Mike are in their usual mode of letting me off the leash enough to go crazy and try and find a way back to my long lost youth. (Editor's Note: Johnny has never been old!)

Fish were plentiful, weather was incredible (it is winter ya know), finally stretched a vacation to a full two weeks that allowed me to get a full charge back in my boogie battery which will allow me to do battle yet again back in the real world.

Got in two margarita parties (the proprietors for some reason allow me to light up all the guests on an annual basis.)

Love all the people, will miss Renauldo who is finally moviing on after a five year stint.

Guess what...I love dis place,

John Rice"

What can we say, John? We love you too (mostly because you bring Kay to dive with us!) Pin It Now!

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