Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bahamas own Androsia Batik Factory goes global with a new online ordering system

In 1973 the Androsia Batik Factory was started by the Birch Family. Its goal was to employ local Androsians and promote the beauty of the Bahamas through the art of batik. Androsia is still fulfilling that original dream. Androsia Batik is now not only available in stores in the Bahamas, but via an online shopping system from their website For the new season Androsia has just launched fresh colours and designs so if you that are missing the feeling of Andros Island take a look at the 150 batik fabric, garments, and accessories in 25 colours and designs on their online shopping cart system.

In case you didn't know, the cute little girl on Small Hope's beach is Tracy and Skeebo's daughter, Mia. Tracy, Skeebo, Mia, Mariah, and Harrington have just moved to Tracy's hometown of Lowell, Massachusetts. Tracy is working part-time for Small Hope assisting with our Bookeeping and Marketing efforts.

We hope to see you on Andros soon! Pin It Now!

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