Tuesday, April 15, 2008

No Guest Leaves Empty Handed from Their Andros Island Bahamas Vacation

We don't get it. It defies all logic, but some people actually leave Small Hope Bay Lodge at the end of their vacation! We are always sad to part of our family go, but we're heartened that with a return rate of over 70%, chances are, we'll all meet again at Small Hope Bay Lodge. Many of our guests are even annual visitors, coming back to the tropical warmth of the Bahamas again and again.

Since we want to send each family member off with more than just memories of warm breezes and cool, clear tropical seas, we recognize at least one of their many achievements during their stay on Andros Island with a Certificate of Achievement. While Certificates of Achievement in Diving, Snorkeling and Bonefishing are common enough, recently guests have been recognized for their prowess in parenting, grand parenting, hammocking, beachcombing, crabbing, hot tubbing and just plain "chillin'." While many of these activities may not seem notable to the uninitiated, our guests know that at Small Hope Bay Lodge on Andros Island, Chillin' Down and Coolin' Out is an art form and a way of life!

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