Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bahamas Island Bonfire!

Earlier this week, word went out to the Small Hope Bay Staff, guest had requested a beach bonfire to toast marshmallows after dinner. Springing into action, a pit was dug and firewood packed inside. A bit of kerosene, a match and Voila! Fire! But it didn’t last…in our haste to please, we stacked the wood too tightly, resulting in a smoking heap rather than a bonfire. But all was not lost.

As a man who really appreciates a good fire, guest Peter Pervan climbed into the fire pit, emptied it of smoking timbers, combed the beach for kindling and repacked the firepit. The result: a blazing inferno inspiring fireworks, junkanoo instruments, merriment and toasted marshmallows!

Thanks, Peter!
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