Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bahamas Scuba Diving

Gar “The Real Star” takes a moment to pose for Mark Evans, Editor of the U.K. Sport Diver Magazine, in front of the crane, one of the three structures sunk by AUTEC in 1988 that make up The Marion dive site. Gar’s son, Gar “The Star”, his daughter in law and new granddaughter will be visiting Small Hope in July, we look forward to meeting them and finding out just who the “Real Star” is!!!
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Anonymous said...

What a small world! I live and boat in Annapolis, MD. We have some friends that are friends with Gar ("the Real Star") and all of us hung out in the water this past Saturday. I brought up the fact that we are going to be getting our open water certif. at Small Hope the first week in August. What a shock when Gar told me all about his adventures just recently there as well as his son's! He loves the place and we can't wait to get there and enjoy it too! Gar says hello to everyone. See you soon.
Kim Rogers & Randy Howard