Sunday, May 27, 2007

Stalactite Blue Hole

Mother Nature is still blowing, keeping us Divers out of the ocean. So it is time we follow the Fishermen and head inland. Dive masters, Moose, Nick and Brittany guided a group of divers to one of our inland Blue Holes suitable for cavern diving. Stalactite Blue Hole is a 2 hour drive north of Small Hope Bay through the Andros Pine Forest. The journey is dotted with a few unusual landmarks.

The Stalactite Blue Hole is a wide open “bell” shaped blue hole, with a 100 foot deep freshwater lens. At the base of the lens the diameter of the blue hole reaches about 300 ft across. Along the sides of the “Bell” are stalactites that hang down. Some have grown at an angle pointing inwards towards the middle of the blue hole, while the others grew straight down piercing through the fresh water lens into the brackish, dark coffee colored water below.
It was a beautiful dive, a fun ride out there and highly satisfying to get our fins wet, despite that pesky wind Pin It Now!

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